Vegetal Analyses

Analyzing the the historic and current vegetal conditions of the LA River was an important process in understanding what could potentially colonize the new form of the river.  The following were rigorous vegetal analyses of the species that could exist along the river, based upon the historic and present colonizing species, as well as soils analyses.  The attribute matrices used in understanding different soil compositions may be overlaid with each of the following plant specie's matrix in order to understand their ideal and suitable growing conditions. The specific graphic was developed through the aesthetic of how the a land-sat sensor would understand each of the species' attributes.

It is evident that as the river becomes sentient, with the aide of a sensing machine, its fluvial morphology becomes diurnal.  Plant species that are fast growing will begin to colonize the new reaches of the river, allowing for constant change.

Vegetal Analyses of the " Native ," " Invasive ," and " Projective " species of the LA River

Vegetal Analyses of the "Native," "Invasive," and "Projective" species of the LA River

"Native Species" Analysis

"Invasive Species" Analysis

"Projective Species" Analysis

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