Special Thanks to:

my Advisors-

  • Bradley Cantrell: for your continued support of my nerdiness and making this the most fun design thesis!  As my Core IV design critic, REAL Lab-Cyborg Ecologies director, Independent Study advisor, Cyborgs professor, and as my Thesis advisor-thank you for pushing me in doing the best that I can as a designer! 
  • Neil Brenner: Thank-you for expanding my mind in thinking critically and theoretically of the things that I produce and make, as my program advisor in the MDes department and as our director in the Urban Theory Lab.  The many recommended bibliographies truly helped me developed the theoretical framework of my argument... most especially with Latour.

my Tech Supports (literally and figuratively)-

  • Rob Tangstrom:  Thanks for having patience with me while enduring thesis the entire year and sometimes not having time for us to spend together.  Also thanks for making those pistons!
  • Elise Bluell:  Thanks for being my rock this semester and allowing me to vent to you about thesis and life in general-and for that phragmites drawing... shhhh! 
  • Spyros Ampanavos and Yujie Hong:  The two of you are rockstars! Thank-you for allowing me to constantly bug you whenever I needed you to debug my code...  You guys made me wish I did the Technology concentration within MDes!

my previous Professors-

  • Professor David Malan: The things that I learned in CS50 were definitely utilized in the development of this project. Thanks for making us, who are uncomfortable, comfortable in learning computer science, and of course to the veritable TF's of CS50!
  • Jason Johnson and Nataly Gategno of Future Cities Lab: The Sensorium studio at CCA, was not only the most fun studio I've ever taken, but really introduced me to coding and tinkering.  Having Massimo Banzi, creator of Arduino, visit our studio was truly inspiring! Your practice enabled me to see design outside of the traditional norm of the discipline as something I've become so passionate about.
  • Maggie Janik: Thank you for recording my thesis as an example for the GSD's Thesis archive =)  A big thanks for editing the video as well!

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